You are straining your eye muscles. Because this method is just sweeping your eyes over the white background and use your eyes effortlessly. Squinting should be avoided for good eyesight too, as squinting too often will put your eye muscles in strain. For example, after reading half an hour, you are recommended to take a rest and do eye exercises or your eyes will feel tired, and thus strongly strained. That is why our eyesight will be poor when we grow old. However, squinting just breaks the balance. Except for posture, you should also care more when reading. Furthermore, when reading, it is better to look at the white spaces in between the lines but not the lines themselves and not the individual letters. The best way to read is to put the book paralleled to your eyes about 20 inches away and sit straight. In one word, good eyesight is mainly due to relaxed eye muscles. So focus on eye relaxing when you do anything. So please go near to see and try not to be frustrated with it if you are not able to see clearly. So please do not stare at computer or television too long. The best condition that eyes see an object is that they see without any all in one solar street light manufacturers muscular effort. Look as far as you can and meanwhile breathe deeply; rub the face and forehead while bending over, then do the massage around the eyes gently. Close your eyes, massage your eye sockets with your palms softly. Stand up straight, simultaneously, do the exhaling and inhaling repeatedly. 3. Direct and excessive exposure of eyes to cold wind and bright light are another causes of poor eyesight, especially after continuous long time work. 2.

 If you get used to reading too close to the book, you are gradually forming myopia. If you can not see the word in distance, you must try your best to see clearly, but you have put your eyes at risk. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the bad results of poor vision. There are a variety of eye exercises which can relax eye muscles. So try not to squint in dim light and massage your eyebrows once a while. The wrong posture while reading should also be responsible for fatigued eyesight. For if you are used to slump, lean or read too close, your eyeballs will be much strained as a result of gravity. There are a lot of bad habits leading to bad vision. Lean your head to each side and do the inhaling and exhaling again to relax the gaze. You are suggested to have a break every half an hour and do eye exercise.Eye muscles being relaxed and elastic is considered as a secret of good eyesight. The key method is to relax your eye muscles. When we grow old, all the body muscles become to lose its elasticity and vigor. 1

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